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The Sovereign

The Sovereign

It’s Monday morning and I just dropped my daughter off at daycare without a hitch – now that’s a rarity on a Monday — we are off to a great start to the week. I decide to knock off some of my morning tasks at The Sovereign Cafe on Davenport. This espresso bar has become a local favourite in the 4 years it’s been open.

The Sovereign is a great gathering place in the Davenport Village neighbourhood, an area that has continued to gentrify over the past 10 years.  The takeout location is located just around the corner at the bottom of Oakwood Avenue right at Davenport.  It is amazing that they can sustain two locations within a 5-minute walk of one another – it’s a testament to the quality of their products and service and the true support that their local customers give them.

At around 8:20AM a stream of regular’s pop in for their morning espresso-based drinks. As the neighbourhood regulars step through the door these baristas are “on” their orders.  I got my regular, a Double Americano, which is up there as one of my favourites in the city. I also treated myself to a Banana Chocolate Chip Muffin, which was still warm and oozing chocolate – this is one you shouldn’t miss.

The Sovereign is just one of those places where you can easily get used to coming back every day. Good Company, Good Food, Great Coffee.  If you have time to stop by on the weekend, be sure to try out their weekend brunch. I will see you again soon @Sovereigncafe.


The Sovereign Esspreso Bar – 1359 Davenport Road
The Sovereign Cafe (Take-out) – 1A Oakwood Avenue