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Oakwood Espresso

Oakwood Espresso

After a busy week, I set aside some father-daughter time on the long weekend.  Our first stop, Oakwood Espresso, a local favourite of the Oakwood Village and Humewood neighbourhood residents.  This small, unassuming café is just off the main Oakwood Village retail strip, fronting on Holland Park Ave on the west side of Oakwood Avenue.  During the week, there’s usually a morning rush of neighbourhood residents who are heading to work looking to get their caffeine fix before starting their commute.  On the weekends, patrons congregate just outside the cafe with their kids and four legged friends and chat with other residents about the happenings in the area.  You’ll often hear chatter about the latest pending real estate development or rumours about new restaurants coming to the hood.

My daughter loves visiting Oakwood Espresso as she knows she will always see a “doggy” waiting patiently for its owner out front. Oh, and she loves the sweet scones supplied by Baker & Scone, another local favourite located on St Clair. Avenue W. at Christie St.  At Oakwood Espresso, you can’t go wrong with their killer lattés – my usual when visiting the café.

Oakwood Village has seen an influx of young families purchasing homes on the side streets east and west of Oakwood Avenue. It continues to be one of the most sought-after neighbourhoods in midtown Toronto by first time home buyers. It is one of my top neighbourhoods to watch in central Toronto as the retail strip evolves and the neighbourhood gentrifies.

Be sure to visit Oakwood Espresso – enjoy the friendly company and fall in love with this local gem. Next stop, we are off to have fun in Cedarvale Park.


Oakwood Espresso – 342 Oakwood Avenue