Toronto Coffee Shop | GOLDSTRUCK COFFEE | Yorkville Village



Walk into Goldstruck and the first thing you’ll notice is the soft gold halo that emanates from this café. Next, you will surely notice the unique industrial style lighting and the large lit arrow –pointing left – just past the counter, as well as, the awesome stools that have bicycle pedals as foot rests. Not only has its unique décor struck a chord with its clientele, but so has it’s coffee and sweet and savoury treats.

After opening its doors in July 2016, Goldstruck has become a hit with local residents, the daytime working population, University of Toronto students and the many out-of-town visitors who make their way to Yorkville.  Although the sub-ground level location may not seem ideal (from a real estate perspective), Goldstruck has embraced it and has thrived! It has become a go-to spot in Yorkville and has developed a loyal following.

A major reason for this strong community support is the coffee it is serving up. Goldstruck prides itself on providing freshly roasted coffee that they refer to as ‘liquid gold’. Their beans come from various farms and regions around the world and they work with Ezra’s Pound, an Annex neighbourhood favourite, to roast their beans. All their beverage ingredients are organic including their dairy products, which are sourced from the highest quality organic farms in Canada.

Typically, I enjoy their organic espresso shots in an Americano, but today I tried one of their signature drinks, a Cayenne Latté. If you are looking for something a little different, with a subtle spicy kick, I would definitely recommend trying it — it’s the perfect drink for Toronto’s fall weather that’s fast approaching (you can also get it chilled, and it tastes great!).

There is a nice selection of sweet and savoury snacks to enjoy at Goldstruck. From their fantastic biscottis and croissants to savoury items like a leek and parmesan croissant, there is always something tasty to enjoy with your coffee selection. I definitely recommend a visit – it’s sure to become one of your go-to coffee shops in Yorkville.


GOLDSTRUCK COFFEE – 130 Cumberland Street